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The newsletter is now free for 2 years. This will include five email PDF color issues each year. It will no longer included tips and suggestions on painting and drawing. If you would like to still get these, please sign up for my ArtLetter.  It is $10 for two years. The people who subscribe to the Newsletter will receive notices of Mr. Dvorak's shows, exhibitions, and travel opportunities.  If you have subscribed to my Newsletter for $10 you will continue to receive the newsletter as well as the ArtLetter until your subscription runs out. You will be sent a renewal notice when that happens.

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“I received your online ArtLetter for the first time, and just wanted to tell you how great it is! I've enjoyed the paper version for several years, but the online one with color is just fantastic!”

“Thanks very much,”

Karen R.

If you choose to subscribe to Robert’s newsletter, you will join a small community of creative people. Most have taken workshops from Robert and want to stay in touch, be inspired, be encouraged to continue to express their creativity through painting and drawing.  This community also includes writers, photographers, sculptors and some art collectors, dealers, art students and art instructors.

The newsletters contain carefully written and illustrated information on topics that Robert believes will be of interest to you and help you learn to have fun being more creative.  Each issue includes a step by step watercolor demonstration. You will get many ideas on how to be a better painter or draw better.  Creative people worldwide have written expressing their appreciation for the information and inspiration in these newsletters.

Your name, address, phone and email will be kept private--it is never shared.  We keep the phone number in case a newsletter comes back to us or we cannot read the information on the in class sign-up sheet.

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